Introducing Hoogii: Your Browser-Native Wallet in Chia Network

3 min readNov 3, 2022


Hoogii, pronounced ‘hoo-ghee’ (/ˈhuː.gi/), is a safe and easy-to-use decentralized extension wallet on the Chia blockchain. Launched on 15th September in the Chrome Web Store, Hoogii Wallet is now up for grabs in beta release (download here), allowing testers and users to grow and manage their crypto portfolio on the Chia blockchain.

A safe and smooth DeFi experience for the Chia ecosystem

One of the main objectives, entailing expectations of future developments, is to provide a safe and closely integrated DeFi experience for Hoogii users to manage their digital assets. For further updates please stay tuned!

Hoogii Wallet is a browser-based wallet for Chia Network. With the beta release, you can:

  • Safely Manage Your Digital Asset
    With Hoogii Wallet, you can send and receive XCH/CATs with customized fees easily and safely on Chia.
  • Check Your Activities at a Glance
    Hoogii Wallet will make sure to record all of your digital asset management history on the Chia blockchain, and you can find transaction details in your Hoogii Wallet at any time.
  • Effortlessly Manage Different Addresses
    Set nicknames to addresses you frequently trade with to manage your digital assets on Chia in the easiest way.

With the subsequent releases in the future, you will be able to:

  • View NFT assets on display in Hoogii Wallet
    NFT display will be incorporated into Hoogii, allowing you to view NFTs you own in your wallet.
  • Receive Browser Notification of Your Wallet Activity in Real-Time
    In the future, Hoogii Wallet will allow users to receive browser notifications, e.g. block farmed or transaction notification, whenever there’s a new activity in your wallet.
  • Link Hoogii Directly With Chia’s First AMM & dApps
    In future updates, users will be able to swap in the first Chia AMM and dApps directly with Hoogii Wallet.
  • Deposit USDS via Credit Card or Other Payment Methods
    Soon you will be able to deposit USDS within Hoogii Wallet using your credit cards or other payment methods.

Our message

We will continue to develop Hoogii and strive to provide the best wallet experience on the Chia blockchain. We also encourage you to link up, discuss product, and give us feedback to help us achieve our goals. Your support and advice will be greatly appreciated. 🙏🏻

Hoogii Wallet is currently at beta testing stage; therefore, we released a product testing questionnaire in the hope of receiving your feedback. Anyone who gives us a hand and completes the product survey will be given an OG role in honor of the contribution.

Below are the links you may find useful:

Download in the Chrome Web Store:


Official Website:

We will also post information such as the latest news or major product update on our social media. Welcome to download Hoogii, the crypto wallet extension for Chia Network, and start your journey right away! WAGMI!




Hoogii wallet is a fully open-source crypto wallet extension on the Chia Blockchain. Website: