Hoogii Monthly — dApp Integration and User Experience Optimization

3 min readMar 30, 2023


Hello fellows in the Chia ecosystem 🌱! Let’s get back to another developer update of Hoogii Monthly. In this update, we will include an announcement about the integration with HashgreenSwap and a number of updates on the dApp interface, transaction function for developers, user experience optimization, bug fixes, backend refactoring, and the introduction of Activity Memo Tooltips.

Download Hoogii: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hoogii-wallet/jljjeghmeihjegifdhbghcoihdiegkkl

Official Website: https://hoogii.app/

dApp Integration

Integration with HashgreenSwap

The team has been testing dApp integration recently. For those of you who have been anticipating the integration with HashgreenSwap, it will likely be near at hand as soon as there are any further updates. The most immediate one will be deploying HashgreenSwap on the Testnet. You know what to do then. 😌🌕

For Developers: dApp Interface and Transaction

dApp interface has been successfully implemented and the transaction function Transfer is also added for developers who wish to connect Hoogii. If you are a developer and would like to connect Hoogii wallet into your dApp, please feel free to check out developer docs or reach out to us via contact@hoogii.app.

Transfer is used for transferring CAT or XCH to a specified recipient, with the option to attach memos.


  • to: A string. The recipient's Chia address.
  • amount: An integer. The amount of Chia being transferred, measured in mojo (the smallest unit of Chia, equivalent to 10^-12 XCH).
  • memos: An optional list of string. Memos associated with the transfer. Each memo is a hex string that can be used to attach additional data to the transfer.
  • assetId: An optional string. The ID of the asset being transferred, if the transfer involves an asset other than XCH. This field is optional and can be left out for XCH transfers.
interface TransferParams {
to: string; // bech32m encoded address
amount: number;
memos?: string[];
assetId?: string;


null: no return value is provided upon success.


const params = {
to: 'txch1yw8gm66uzmuzj4ezzk7tmpjk7fzacq8n7tgtdq0zshxj978gp6cq6sm5z8',
amount: '1000',
// hex string, "hello chia".encode("utf-8")
memos: ['0x68656c6c6f2063686961'],
window.chia.hoogii.request({ method: 'transfer', params });

User Experience Optimization

One of the focuses aligned with our principles and expectation regarding development is to continue to optimize the user experience and improve upon previous iterations. In this update, we introduce Activity Memo Tooltips and also we have been refactoring code to make sure Hoogii is more stable and runs more smoothly.

Activity Memo Tooltips

In the previous update, we introduced Memo, providing an option to adhere a memo alongside the transaction. In this update, we have made an adjustment and add a memo tooltip to show all the complete information of the memo. Hover your mouse over the info button to see the total memo.

Backend Refactoring

Our team has decided to do code refactoring to improve readability and reduce complexity. You may not feel it but restructuring the code will essentially streamline the effort for code maintenance and Hoogii will be much more efficient and smooth sailing to use.

Our Message

Download Hoogii: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hoogii-wallet/jljjeghmeihjegifdhbghcoihdiegkkl

Official Website: https://hoogii.app/

Once again, if you want to know more about Hoogii, feel free to visit our website or you can download it via the link. If you don’t want to miss the latest news of Hoogii or you would like to interact with people in the community, you are welcome to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord!




Hoogii wallet is a fully open-source crypto wallet extension on the Chia Blockchain. Website: https://hoogii.app/