Hoogii Wallet is a fully open-source crypto wallet extension.

Hoogii Wallet allows you to easily and securely manage your digital assets, XCH/CATs, on the Chia Blockchain. Install Hoogii at the Chrome Web Store. Visit our website: https://hoogii.app/

With Hoogii, you can: - Safely manage digital assets on Chia, both on Mainnet and Testnet. - Add a memo to each transaction for better communication. - Receive error messages to help troubleshoot any issues. - Buy USDS directly within the wallet through Stably ramp. Available in the US (ACH). - Receive notifications for block farming activity, which can now be viewed within the wallet. - Integrate and function with Dapps. Check out the developer docs. - Set nicknames to different addresses. - Display the amount converted from XCH to USD.

Hashgreen Labs builds Hoogii Wallet. It's now on Mainnet. Try it out and give us some feedback! We will maintain high-frequency updates as much as possible to ensure all users can obtain stable and efficient services.

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Hoogii wallet is a fully open-source crypto wallet extension on the Chia Blockchain. Website: https://hoogii.app/